Crest factors of complementary-sequence-based multicode MC-CDMA signals

  title={Crest factors of complementary-sequence-based multicode MC-CDMA signals},
  author={Byoungjo Choi and Lajos Hanzo Hanzo},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Wireless Communications},
The crest factor properties of binary phase-shift keying modulated twoand four-code assisted multicarrier code-division multiple-access (MC-CDMA) employing complementary-sequence-based spreading sequences are characterized. More specifically, a complementary-sequence pair, a complementary-sequence-based subcomplementary code pair, and a Sivaswamy’s complementary code set are studied. It was found that the corresponding crest factors are bounded by 3 dB, which corresponds to the crest factor of… CONTINUE READING
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