Crescent Mastopexy with Augmentation


Mastopexy associated with augmentation for small vol­ ume and mild ptotic breasts has historically challenged plastic surgeons’ creativity. The perfect balance between breast volume, scar, shape, and long­lasting results has been the main focus of the work of many authors. Circumareolar, periareolar, and donut mastopexy are different names for a common approach to patients with a ptotic breast. The technique, introduced in the mid­1970s, is based on resecting skin from the entire periphery of the areola as a way to lift the breast [1–7]. The crescent mastopexy was later conceived as a modifi­ cation of this approach in which the skin resection (in a crescent shape) is restricted to the segment adjacent to the upper half of the areola [8–11]. Although limited in its indications, this technique is an important surgical strategy for patients with borderline ptotic breasts.

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