Crepitation and clicking as signs of TMD in preschool children.

  title={Crepitation and clicking as signs of TMD in preschool children.},
  author={Sven E. Widmalm and Rasmus L{\"u}beck Christiansen and Simon M. Gunn},
  journal={Cranio : the journal of craniomandibular practice},
  volume={17 1},
Children [N = 540, age 5.1 +/- 0.72 (SD)], were tested for association between temporomandibular (TM) joint sounds and symptoms of TM disorder (TMD). The prevalence of TMJ sounds as found by auscultation and confirmed by self-report was 16.7%. There was significant association after Bonferroni correction between the presence of TM joint sounds, as reported by the children, and all but one of the eleven pain/dysfunction variables. There was significant association also between crepitation as… CONTINUE READING

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