Creosote released from railway-ties recycled and the sanitary risks.

  title={Creosote released from railway-ties recycled and the sanitary risks.},
  author={Giuseppe Zicari and Giuseppe Allegro and Domenico Russo and Daniela Rivetti and Vincenzo Soardo and Elena Cerrato},
  journal={Igiene e sanita pubblica},
  volume={69 2},
Through the history of railways, wooden crossties impregnated with potentially hazardous creosote tar, have been used for years. There are six major classes of compounds in the creosote: aromatic hydrocarbons; tar acids/phenolics; tar bases/nitrogen-containing heterocycles; aromatic amines; sulfur-containing heterocycles; and oxygen-containing heterocycles. The creosote molecules applied in railway crossties can be released in the environment and they can bioaccumulate in animals and vegetables… CONTINUE READING