Crenarchaeal heterotrophy in salt marsh sediments

  title={Crenarchaeal heterotrophy in salt marsh sediments},
  author={Lauren M Seyler and Lora M. McGuinness and Lee J Kerkhof},
  journal={The ISME Journal},
Mesophilic Crenarchaeota (also known as Thaumarchaeota) are ubiquitous and abundant in marine habitats. However, very little is known about their metabolic function in situ. In this study, salt marsh sediments from New Jersey were screened via stable isotope probing (SIP) for heterotrophy by amending with a single 13C-labeled compound (acetate, glycine or urea) or a complex 13C-biopolymer (lipids, proteins or growth medium (ISOGRO)). SIP incubations were done at two substrate concentrations (30… CONTINUE READING
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