Creep behavior of in situ TiCP/2618 aluminum matrix composite

  title={Creep behavior of in situ TiCP/2618 aluminum matrix composite},
  author={Feng-Qin Ji and Mingzhen Ma and A. J. Song and Wei Guang Zhang and Hai Zong and Sidney X. Liang and Yabuhara Osamu and Riping Liu},
Abstract The creep behavior of 2618 aluminum alloy and in situ TiC P /2618 aluminum composites (with 15% and 20% volume fraction of TiC particles, respectively) was investigated under a condition of constant compressive stress at 523, 573 and 623 K, respectively. The results showed that both the stress exponent and the apparent activation energy of the composite were higher than these of 2618 aluminum alloy, indicating that the existence of TiC particles significantly improved the high… CONTINUE READING