Creep Test of Hard Rock and Modified Generalized Kelvin Creep Model

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By a circular increment step load and unload method, a set of rheological experiments were performed to study the creep properties of amphibolite and the deformation data of instantaneous elasticity, instantaneous plasticity, viscoplasticity and viscoelasticity could be obtained. The results showed that: the creep threshold of amphibolite(σs1) was 25.46MPa; whenσs1s2, the proportion of plastic deformation in the total deformation was very small and the value of creep deformation always tended… Expand
Study on the creep behaviours and the improved Burgers model of a loess landslide considering matric suction
Loess landslides frequently occur in the northwest area of China, leading to serious damage to the society and economy. Under the effects of rainfall and groundwater seepage, the stress–strainExpand
Creep Behavior of Intact Loess Followed Unloading Paths
  • Zhenxiao Li, Jiading Wang, Dengfei Zhang
  • Frontiers in Earth Science
  • 2021
Several high-fill projects are carried out on the Loess Plateau, China, accompanying the progressive failure of slopes due to excavation. The compelling need requires a deep understanding ofExpand


A viscoplastic discontinuum model of time-dependent fracture and seismicity effects in brittle rock
Abstract A model is proposed for the direct mechanistic simulation of seismic activity and stress transfer effects in deep level mines. The model uses a discontinuum viscoplastic formulation toExpand
Time-dependent Behaviour of Deep Level Tabular Excavations in Hard Rock
Summary Although hard rock is not usually associated with large creep deformation, significant time-dependent behaviour is observed in the tabular excavations of the South African gold mines.Expand
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