Credit card fraud detection with a neural-network

  title={Credit card fraud detection with a neural-network},
  author={Sushmito Ghosh and D. Reilly},
  journal={1994 Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences},
  • Sushmito Ghosh, D. Reilly
  • Published 1994
  • Computer Science
  • 1994 Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
Using data from a credit card issuer, a neural network based fraud detection system was trained on a large sample of labelled credit card account transactions and tested on a holdout data set that consisted of all account activity over a subsequent two-month period of time. The neural network was trained on examples of fraud due to lost cards, stolen cards, application fraud, counterfeit fraud, mail-order fraud and NRI (non-received issue) fraud. The network detected significantly more fraud… Expand
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