Crecimiento en niños y en hijos de madres que adhieren a dietas vegetarianas: revisión de la literatura

  title={Crecimiento en ni{\~n}os y en hijos de madres que adhieren a dietas vegetarianas: revisi{\'o}n de la literatura},
  journal={Archivos Argentinos de Pediatria},
  • Published 1 August 2021
  • Archivos Argentinos de Pediatria
RESUMEN Introducción. La prevalencia del vegetarianismo aumenta a nivel mundial y no hay consenso acerca de si este tipo de alimentación es adecuado durante el período de crecimiento. Objetivo. Se realizó una revisión descriptiva de la literatura con el objetivo de conocer si los niños e hijos de madres que siguen dietas vegetarianas crecen de manera diferente a los niños con dietas omnívoras. Métodos. Se incluyen 25 artículos publicados entre los años 1995-2020, que describen el crecimiento… 


Position of the American Dietetic Association: vegetarian diets.
Is a vegetarian diet safe to follow during pregnancy? A systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies
Large-scale prospective studies focusing on pre- and/or early gestational nutrition will help clarify the correlation between vegetarian diet and various pregnancy outcomes, as well as reach conclusive results regarding the risks of hypospadias, intrauterine growth retardation, maternal anemia, and gestational diabetes mellitus.
Vegetarian diets in children: a systematic review
Due to the study heterogeneity, the small samples, the bias towards upper social classes, the scarcity of recent studies, the existing data do not allow us to draw firm conclusions on health benefits or risks of present-day vegetarian type diets on the nutritional or health status of children and adolescents in industrialized countries.
The impact of lacto-ovo-/lacto-vegetarian and vegan diets during pregnancy on the birth anthropometric parameters of the newborn
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    The journal of maternal-fetal & neonatal medicine : the official journal of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine, the Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies, the International Society of Perinatal Obstetricians
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It has emerged that birth weight of the vegan mothers' children is lower than that of the omnivorous mothers’ children, and the planning of any type of diet with experts in the field is indispensable to ensure a physiological development of the fetus.
A cross-sectional study of fatty acids and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in human milk from lactating women following vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore diets
Breast milk from vegans had significantly higher unsaturated fat and total omega-3 fats, and lower saturated fats, trans fats,and omega-6 to omega- 3 ratios than their vegetarian and omnivore counterparts.
Vegetarian and Vegan Weaning of the Infant: How Common and How Evidence-Based? A Population-Based Survey and Narrative Review
Alternative weaning methods are followed by a significant number of families; in half of the cases, the family pediatrician was not perceived as an appropriate guide in this delicate process, and efforts should be made to enhance nutritional understanding among pediatricians.
The dietary intake of a group of vegetarian children aged 7-11 years compared with matched omnivores
The haemoglobin levels of vegetarian children suggest that they need dietary advice to ensure optimal absorption of Fe, and they need to be as aware as omnivores of the need to reduce fat intake.