Creatures of Culture? Making the Case for Cultural Systems in Whales and Dolphins

  title={Creatures of Culture? Making the Case for Cultural Systems in Whales and Dolphins},
  author={Scott Norris},
Abstract On a typical summer day, the waters of Johnstone Strait, in British Columbia, are abuzz with the clicks, whistles, and pulsed calls of killer whales. These animals—the summer residents of the inland waterways off northern Vancouver Island—are perhaps the most intensively studied whale population in the world. Through research based on the ability of observers to visually identify every individual in the population, scientists have put together an extensive and detailed outline of the… 

Into the brains of whales

Situating the cetacean: Science and storytelling in Witi Ihimaera's The whale rider

This thesis analyzes two major discourses that intersect and inform one another in Witi Ihimaera's The Whale Rider: storytelling and modern science. Taking a cultural studies perspective, "Situating

Journal Publication Trends Regarding Cetaceans Found in Both Wild and Captive Environments: What do we Study and Where do we Publish?

Scientists conducting research on cetaceans have a variety of publication outlets. However, a formal assessment of those options has not been conducted. To better understand the trends in

Interactions of multiple disturbances in shaping boreal forest dynamics: a spatially explicit analysis using multi‐temporal lidar data and high‐resolution imagery

1. Mixed‐wood boreal forests are often considered to undergo directional succession from shade‐intolerant to shade‐tolerant species. It is thus expected that overstorey gaps should lead to the

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Изучение динамики накопления продуктов первичного и вторичного синтеза в плодовых растениях имеет важное теоретическое и практическое значение для эффективного управления процессами формирования