Creativity and Intelligence in Preschoolers

  title={Creativity and Intelligence in Preschoolers},
  author={K D Fuchs-Beauchamp and Merle B. Karnes and Lawrence J. Johnson},
  journal={Gifted Child Quarterly},
  pages={113 - 117}
This study examined the relationship between creativity and intelligence in preschoolers. Four hundred and ninety-six children for whom parents were seeking admission to a program for bright or gifted preschoolers in a midwestern city participated. All children were given the Thinking Creatively in Action and Movement Scale; 72 children were given the Slosson Intelligence Test, 354 were given the L-M edition of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, and the remaining 70 children were given the… 

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The present work investigated three important constructs in the field of psychology: creativity, intelligence and giftedness. The major objective was to clarify some aspects about each one of these

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The goal of the present study was to verify whether the “Metaphor Creation Test” would really be a measure with unique characteristics of creativity, or a different way of evaluating constructs



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MORAN, JAMES D. III; MILGRAM, ROBERTA M.; SAWYERS, JANET K.; and Fu, VICTORIA A. Original Thinking in Preschool Children. CHILD DEVELOPMENT, 1983, 54, 921-926. 3 sets of findings demonstrated that

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as original problem solving with ideational fluency as an essential component (Guilford, 1956, 1967; Mednick, 1962; Wallach & Kogan, 1965). These investigators and others (Getzels and Jackson, 1962;

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