Creativity, Intelligence, and Personality: A Critical Review of the Scattered Literature

  title={Creativity, Intelligence, and Personality: A Critical Review of the Scattered Literature},
  author={M Batey and Adrian Furnham},
  journal={Genetic, Social, and General Psychology Monographs},
  pages={355 - 429}
  • M. Batey, A. Furnham
  • Published 1 November 2006
  • Psychology, Art
  • Genetic, Social, and General Psychology Monographs
The authors examined the relations among intelligence, personality, and creativity. They consider the concept and definition of creativity in conjunction with the qualifications that researchers in the field have suggested. The present authors briefly refer to historiometric studies but focus on psychometric intelligence and its relations to tests of divergent thinking (DT) and ratings of creativity. The authors consider the relation between personality and creativity in the context of… 

A Literature Review on Personality, Creativity and Innovative Behavior

Personality has been conceptualized from a host of theoretical perspectives. The present conceptual paper is an endeavor to enhance and grab the etymology of personality, innovative behavior and

A Correlational and Predictive Study of Creativity and Personality of College Students

The goals of this study were to examine the relationship between creativity and personality, to identify what personality variables better predict creativity, and to determine whether significant

In search of the creative scientific personality

IN SEARCH OF THE CREATIVE SCIENTIFIC PERSONALITY by Maya V. Grosul This study investigates whether personality is a valid predictor of creativity in science above and beyond demographic

The effects of personality and creativity on uses of music

This study aimed to explore the relationships between the Big Five personality traits, creativity, and individual differences in uses of music (i.e. when and why people choose to listen to music). A

Are intelligence and creativity really so different

Contemporary creativity research views intelligence and creativity as essentially unrelated abilities, and many studies have found only modest correlations between them. The present research, based



Intelligence, Divergent Thinking, and Creativity.

A Meta-Analysis of Personality in Scientific and Artistic Creativity

  • Gregory J. Feist
  • Psychology
    Personality and social psychology review : an official journal of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Inc
  • 1998
The results of the first meta-analytic review of the literature on personality and creative achievement are presented, to present a conceptual integration of underlying potential psychological mechanisms that personality and creativity have in common, and to show how the topic of creativity has been important to personality psychologists and can be to social psychologists.

Individual differences in creativity: personality, story writing, and hobbies

This study investigated the relationship between creativity and personality among college students from a variety of major fields of study. Indicators of creativity were ratings of written stories,

Creativity and Personality: Suggestions for a Theory

An attempt is made in this article to relate creativity to personality in a much more definitive way than has been done previously and to use the known correlates of personality to suggest a theory

Creativity in conflict: the personality of the commercial creative.

  • G. Gelade
  • Psychology
    The Journal of genetic psychology
  • 1997
It is suggested that advertising and design creatives can be characterized as individuals at the intermediate stage of Rankian creative development.

A Taxonomy and Critique of Measurements Used in the Study of Creativity

Creativity measurement itself has been a creative endeavor for both researchers and practitioners. When viewed as a group, the most salient characteristic of creativity measurements is their

Creativity, Intelligence, and Personality

ivergent thinking; creativity in women; hemispheric specialization opposing right brain to left as the source of intuition, metaphor, and imagery; the contribution of altered states of consciousness

Social psychology of creativity: A consensual assessment technique.

Although personality research has made much progress in developing an individual-difference psychology of creativity, the nature of this phenomenon can only be fully illuminated if a social

Correlations among Creativity, Intelligence, Personality, and Academic Achievement

A study was conducted with 300 students in Grade 11 to examine the relationships among creativity, intelligence, personality, and academic achievement. Analysis showed significant positive relations

Handbook of Creativity: Psychometric Approaches to the Study of Human Creativity

The study of human creativity, although historically extensive, is in the midst of a second golden age as the century comes to a close. Authors and researchers from a variety of backgrounds publish