Creative leadership: a challenge of our times

  title={Creative leadership: a challenge of our times},
  author={Louise Stoll and Julie Temperley},
  journal={School Leadership \& Management},
  pages={65 - 78}
In times of constant change, teachers need to be flexible, adaptable and creative. This article argues that promoting creativity of staff to enhance twenty-first century learning is a fundamental challenge for school leadership today. Drawing on the findings of a research and development project involving senior leadership teams and a local authority team, the nature of creative leadership is explored along with conditions leaders establish to support colleagues’ creativity. The concept of… Expand
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Leader for Creativity: Modeling and Experimenting Defixation-oriented Leadership
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The research on educational leadership and management in the Arab world since the 1990s: A systematic review
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Book description: A rounded, comprehensive, guide to issues of practice, pedagogy and policy concerned with creative education.
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