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Creative Industries: an internationalizing dynamic

  title={Creative Industries: an internationalizing dynamic},
  author={Dr. Michael Keane},
The impact of ‘creative industries’ is being felt in Asia as government, business, and universities attempt to harness the benefits of consumer demand for creative content -from wireless software that allows mobile phone users to download classical Chinese poetry to massive multiplayer gaming (MMG) online software that has led to a mini boom in revenue for internet service providers. This paper examines the concept of creative industries as it is being applied in those Asian contexts where… 

Knowledges of the creative economy: Towards a relational geography of diffusion and adaptation in Asia

Abstract:  Recent dialogues in geography and the social sciences have reminded researchers of the extent to which academic and policy knowledges are socially and spatially embedded – that is, they



Troubled waters for the development of China’s film industry

Mainland China’s film industry finds itself at a critical juncture. Market capitalism and booming economic growth are transforming all aspects of Chinese society. This has profound implications for

What can managers do for creativity? Brokering creativity in the creative industries

'Creativity' has become a fashionable term in the contemporary managerial and political lexicon, signalling generalised approval in education, business and the arts. In Britain, 'creative industries'

Marketing and Social Structure in Rural China, Part III

Even before the completion of land reform, the Communist regime had introduced in most parts of China the two new institutions through which it planned eventually to socialize rural trade, namely the

China and the global economy : national champions, industrial policy, and the big business revolution

Introduction Firm Size and Economic Development The Challenge of the Global Business Revolution China's Response to the Global Business Revolution China's Large Firms and the World Trade Organisation

Japan's Gross National Cool

On Sunday mornings, teenagers crowd the sidewalks of Tokyo’s Shibuya district until they spill over the curbs and into the streets. They start at Hachiko Square, under a video monitor that takes up

Universe of the Mind: A Semiotic Theory of Culture

Universe of the Mind:. Semiotic Theory of Culture. Yuri M. Lotman. Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1990.288 pp. $45.00 (cloth)

Urban Spaces in Contemporary China: The Potential For Autonomy And Community In Post-Mao China

  • D. Davis
  • History
    The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 1997
Acknowledgements 1. Introduction: Urban China Deborah S. Davis Part II. Urban Space: Introduction Barry Naughton 2. Urban transformations in post-Mao China: impacts of the reform era on China's urban