Creationism's Propaganda Assault on Deep Time and Evolution

  title={Creationism's Propaganda Assault on Deep Time and Evolution},
  author={Donald U. Wise},
  journal={Journal of Geoscience Education},
  pages={30 - 35}
  • D. Wise
  • Published 1 January 2001
  • Geology
  • Journal of Geoscience Education
The creationist Bible-based onslaught against science in general and evolution in particular has been reasonably effective in present-day America. Propaganda methods include partial truths and gross misstatements of fact. For scientific teaching and lecturing, many of these distortions can be exposed using a chart of creationists' Noah's flood-based, force-fitted version of geologic time, rates, and events. In addition, the creationist dichotomy of choice between their version of faith and… 

A Biblical Critque of Creationism

Creationism, supported even by some scientifically informed people, remains an enduring challenge to education in geoscience. Intelligent design is only the most recent attempt to give creationism

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The concept of the rock cycle and the “indefinite” length of geologic time were outlined first by James Hutton before he had ever seen an unconformity. Hutton drew general support of his theory from

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Marcus R . Ross 2005 Who Believes What ? Clearing up Confusion over

The question of what differentiates young-Earth creationism (YEC) from Intelligent Design (ID) has resulted in inaccurate and confusing terminology, and hinders both understanding and dialogue.

Klasyfikacja stanowisk kreacjonistycznych

Autor analizuje istniejące w literaturze przedmiotu próby sklasyfikowania stanowisk kreacjonistycznych, po czym przedstawia własną klasyfikację.

Who Believes What? Clearing up Confusion over Intelligent Design and Young-Earth Creationism

The question of what differentiates young-Earth creationism (YEC) from Intelligent Design (ID) has resulted in inaccurate and confusing terminology, and hinders both understanding and dialogue.



Science and Earth History: The Evolution/Creation Controversy

This comprehensive treatment of the ongoing conflict between creationists and evolutionary scientists carefully examines creationists' claims of scientific evidence for the six-day divine creation of the universe, followed by the catastrophic flood of Noah, as claimed in "Genesis".

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A belief in supernatural phenomena characterizes a very large segment of society. For many it gives comfort and meaning to life. When the findings of modern science appear to threaten these basic

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A continuing deterioration in science education for non-specialists is producing a whole society of scientifically uninformed Americans. This comes just at a time of exploding technology,

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Creationism and other pseudosciences can be invaluable in teaching students what science is by serving as fascinating examples of what it is not. Many creationist arguments have just the right

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Despite recent strong criticism from scientists, many creationists continue to claim that human footprints are found alongside those of dinosaurs in Cretaceous limestone of the Paluxy River basin in

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Creationism's Geologic Time Scale

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