Creatinine excretion and relationship with body weight of Nellore cattle

  title={Creatinine excretion and relationship with body weight of Nellore cattle},
  author={Luiz Fernando Costa e Silva and S. C. Valadares Filho and Mario Luiz Chizzotti and Polyana Pizzi Rotta and Laura F. Prados and Rilene Ferreira Diniz Valadares and Diego Zanetti and Jercyane Maria da Silva Braga},
  journal={Revista Brasileira De Zootecnia},
The objective of this study was to estimate the urinary creatinine excretion by the shrunk body weight (SBW). In experiment I, 32 Nellore bulls with initial body weight of 259±24.9 kg and 14±1 months-old were used. The group was divided in four animals to maintenance and twenty eight animals feeding ad libitum and separated in four groups; each group was slaughtered at different times of feedlot (42, 84, 126 and 168 days). The diet was composed of corn silage and concentrate (55:45). Before the… Expand
Creatinine as a metabolic marker to estimate urinary volume in growing goats
Abstract The objectives of this study were to: (1) quantify the relationship between fasting body weight (FBW, kg) and urinary creatinine excretion (UCE, mg/d) in Boer goats; (2) evaluate the urinaryExpand
Evaluation of collection days and times to estimate urinary excretion of purine derivatives and nitrogen compounds in grazing Nellore cattle
Evaluating the effects of collection day and 4-hour collection times on the urinary excretion of creatinine, purine derivatives (PD), and nitrogen compounds in grazing Zebu cattle found no effect on urinary excretions of creat inine, allantoin, uric acid, and PD, nor on their ratio with Creatinine. Expand
A comparative study on the excretion of urinary metabolites in goats and sheep to evaluate spot sampling applied to protein nutrition trials.
It is suggested that it is necessary to take 2 and 3 spot urine samples after feeding to estimate N compounds excretions in goats and sheep, respectively, and to study factors that affect daily creatinine and purine derivatives urinary excretion. Expand
Estimating purine derivatives and nitrogen compound excretion using total urine collection or spot urine samples in grazing heifers.
Creatinine can adequately estimate urinary excretion in grazing heifers, and a single spot urine sample at any time of the day can be used to estimate PD excretion on pastures by comparing total urine collection and spot sampling. Expand
Energy and protein requirements of crossbred Holstein x Zebu steers fed different levels of calcium and phosphorus in the diet
The aim of this study was to determine the energy and protein requirements of crossbred Holstein x Zebu steers fed with or without the supplementation of dicalcium phosphate in the diet. Thirty-twoExpand
Supplementation of grazing heifers with different protein sources
Objective. Evaluate the effects of supplementation with different protein sources (soybean meal and wheat bran with urea) on the productive performance, intake, digestibility, microbial proteinExpand
Energy to protein ratios in supplements for grazing heifers in the rainy season
It is possible to optimize the performance of the animals with low to medium consumption supplementation when forage presents great nutritional characteristics, and high supplementation levels and TDN:CP ratios do not justify the increased costs of supplementation. Expand
Effects of silage crop and dietary crude protein levels on digestibility, ruminal fermentation, nitrogen use efficiency, and performance of finishing beef cattle
Abstract Two trials were conducted to evaluate the effects of silage crop and levels of dietary crude protein (CP) in Nellore beef cattle. The experimental diets consisted of Stylosanthes (StS) orExpand
Validating and optimizing spot sampling of urine to estimate urine output with creatinine as a marker in dairy cows.
Despite underestimation of urine output, a regression analysis indicated strong linear relationships between 12TP, 6TP, or 4TP and TC, suggesting that this technique can successfully identify the differences in urine outputs altered by dietary treatments. Expand
Metabolism prepartum and reproductive responses postpartum of Nellore cows supplemented in different periods of gestation
Pre-partum supplementation improves energy balance without altering uterine involution and postpartum fertility. Expand


Determination of creatinine excretion and evaluation of spot urine sampling in Holstein cattle
Abstract Four experiments were carried out to determine urinary creatinine excretion in Holstein growing bulls, lactating cows, and replacement heifers. In addition, we evaluated the use of spotExpand
Endogenous fraction and urinary recovery of purine derivatives obtained by different methods in Nellore cattle.
The data suggest that in Nellore heifers the respective values of endogenous PD excretion, urinary recovery, and true digestibility of RNA in the small intestine were 0.30, 0.80, and 0.93, respectively. Expand
Variações diárias nas excreções de creatinina e derivados de purinas em novilhas
The objective of this trial was to investigate the daily variation in the urinary excretions of creatinine and nitrogen compounds in dairy heifers. It was also of particular interest to determineExpand
Efeito do período de coleta de urina, dos níveis de concentrado e de fontes protéicas sobre a excreção de creatinina, de uréia e de derivados de purina e a produção microbiana em bovinos Nelore
It was concluded that 24-h urinary collection period is recommended for Nellore cattle and that was independent of animal category (heifers, steers, bulls and lactating cows), therefore, spot urine samples can be used to estimate microbial protein synthesis. Expand
Urinary creatinine excretion and lean body mass.
In a group of 34 adult and child subjects a high correlation was found between lean body mass, as determined by potassium-40 counting, and urinary creatinine excretion, and it appears that one can make a reasonable estimate of lean body body mass from urinary creat inane excretion. Expand
Improved HPLC method for the simultaneous determination of allantoin, uric acid and creatinine in cattle urine.
An HPLC procedure developed for the rapid and simultaneous determination of purine derivatives (PD) in ruminants' urine was investigated and can be proposed as a possible reference method for the estimation of allantoin, uric acid and creatinine in cattle urine. Expand
Produção de proteína microbiana e estimativas das excreções de derivados de purinas e de uréia em vacas lactantes alimentadas com rações isoprotéicas contendo diferentes níveis de compostos nitrogenados não-protéicos
The objectives of the present work were to estimate the microbial protein production using the total purine derivatives (PD) excretion, to compare the PD and the urea excretions, obtained from spotExpand