Creating quantum-resistant classical-classical OWFs from quantum-classical OWFs

  title={Creating quantum-resistant classical-classical OWFs from quantum-classical OWFs},
  author={Wei Zheng. Teo and Marco Carmosino and L. Horesh},
One-way functions (OWF) are one of the most essential cryptographic primitives, the existence of which results in wide-ranging ramifications such as private-key encryption and proving P (cid:54) = NP [1, 2]. These OWFs are often thought of as having classical input and output (i.e. binary strings), however, recent work proposes OWF constructions where the input and/or the output can be quantum [3–6]. In this paper, we demonstrate that quantum-classical (i.e. quantum input, classical output) OWFs… 

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The signature scheme is absolutely secure using one method of key distribution, and the protocol provides a model for im-porting the ideas of classical public key cryptography into the quantum world.

One-way functions are essential for complexity based cryptography

  • R. ImpagliazzoM. Luby
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    30th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science
  • 1989
It is shown that many of the standard cryptographic tasks are equivalent to the usual definition of a one-way function, and thus the security of any proposed protocol for these tasks is implicitly based on a function being 'one-way.

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It is shown that fingerprints consisting of quantum information can be made exponentially smaller than the original strings without any correlations or entanglement between the parties, implying an exponential quantum/classical gap for the equality problem in the simultaneous message passing model of communication complexity.

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The proposed one-way function takes an n-qubit quantum state of a definite kind as its input and produces a classical output and it turns out to be very useful in authenticating a quantum state in any quantum money scheme, and so it can construct many different quantum money schemes based on such a one- way function.

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