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Creating history by re-creating the Minoan Snake Goddess

  title={Creating history by re-creating the Minoan Snake Goddess},
  author={Diane Boze},
  journal={The Journal of Art Historiography},
  • Diane Boze
  • Published 2016
  • History
  • The Journal of Art Historiography
Open most mainstream, popular cultural publications or current art history or humanities textbooks to the pre-Greek Aegean period, and an image of a faience statuette labelled Snake Goddess [Figure 1] dominates the pages. Look at advertisements for touring Crete, and the Snake Goddess (whether photos of the excavated statuette or personifications and imaginary drawings inspired by it) abound. A recent scholarly book exploring the intersections of archaeology, tourism, and historical narrative… Expand
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The Snake Goddess Dethroned: Deconstructing the Work and Legacy of Sir Arthur Evans
While the Minoan Snake Goddess is one of the most reproduced and familiar images in the art historical canon, her function—and indeed, her very essence—continues to be shaped by the man who coinedExpand