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Creating a Culture: How school leaders can optimise behaviour

  title={Creating a Culture: How school leaders can optimise behaviour},
  author={Tom R. Bennett},
The Meaning of Mission Statements to School Practice and Professional Development: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Si be les declaracions de missio (DM) s’inclouen en les escoles sovint a causa de la politica de govern, la investigacio actual subratlla que els liders continuen subutilitzant-les. El present estudiExpand
Misunderstood, misinterpreted and mismanaged : voices of students marginalised in a secondary school
With the relentless increase in the number of converter academies, the already fragmented secondary school system is fracturing still further. Since branching points, partitions and choice are allExpand
The antecedents of low-level classroom disruption : a bio-ecological perspective
Low-level classroom disruption (LLCD) is the fundamental behavioural issue in primary schools across England. Typically defined as surface-level behaviours (Esturgo-Deu & Sala-Roca, 2010), LLCDExpand
The Effect of Principal Leadership Behavior, Teacher Model, and School Culture on Student’ Character in Adapting to the Global Environment
The essence of education and learning is to shape the character of students in preparing superior and competitive human resources. Character building is very much influenced by leadership, roleExpand
A new political economy of teacher development: England’s Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund
ABSTRACT This article identifies new arrangements between the state and non-state actors in the public sector, one that extends current understandings of education privatisation, the transformationExpand
Participatory Decision Making: An Effective Tool for School Effectiveness in Kwara State, Nigeria
ABSTRACT: Decision making is one of the most important activities, in which school administrators engage in daily. The success or otherwise of a school is critically linked to types of decisions makeExpand
Talking about School Transition (TaST): an emotional centred intervention to support children over primary-secondary school transition
ABSTRACT Transitions are an unavoidable part of life, often conceptualised as ‘make it or break it periods’. They are important for personal growth and learning but can also be damaging in terms ofExpand


The working atmosphere in the classroom and the right to learn
Learning Behaviour: Lessons learned - A review of behaviour standards and practices in our schools
This report presents the overall conclusions of Sir Alan Steer’s review of pupil behaviour issues. It builds on findings from four interim reports and makes a total of 47 recommendations under threeExpand
Discipline in schools (London, HMSO)
  • 1989
Department for Education, Carter review of initial teacher training (ITT), (2016) A framework of core content for initial teacher training (ITT), Developing behaviour management
  • 2015
The Sage Handbook of Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties
This new edition of The Handbook of Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, first published in 2004, has been completely reworked and refreshed by a new editorial team led by Philip Garner. AExpand
How Teacher Turnover Harms Student Achievement
Researchers and policymakers often assume that teacher turnover harms student achievement, though recent studies suggest this may not be the case. Using a unique identification strategy that employsExpand
Promoting the conditions for positive behaviour, to help every child succeed : review of the landscape
This study provides a series of commentaries on existing research literature, guidance documents and practitioner-based knowledge regarding pupil behaviour, with a particular emphasis on the role ofExpand
Teach Like a Champion Field Guide. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass
  • 2011