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Creating Theatre-Based Curriculum for use in the ESL/EFL Language Classroom: A Model

  title={Creating Theatre-Based Curriculum for use in the ESL/EFL Language Classroom: A Model},
  author={Alexandra Williams-Fleck},


The "Foreign English Teacher": A Necessary "Danger" in South Korea.
English through drama for oral skills development
This paper presents the results of an investigation into the value of using drama in a Brazilian university classroom. Drawing on Di Pietro (1987) and Via (1976) on the advantages of using drama inExpand
Principles of Language Learning and Teaching
Native- and Non-Native Speaking English Teachers in Vietnam: Weighing the Benefits.
This paper examines a common belief that learners of English as a foreign language prefer to learn English from native-­‐speaker teachers rather than non-­-native speakers of English and challenges the notion that native speakers ofEnglish are ideal English language teachers. Expand
Learning Preferences of Saudi University Students with Native English Speaking Teachers.
Like many countries building up human and technological resources, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has embarked on the goal of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to its citizens. OneExpand
Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers, Context and English Language Teaching.
The article explores, from their own perspectives, how a group of NNESTs experience English teaching in Thailand, where English is taught as a foreign language. Expand
The Employability of Non-Native-Speaker Teachers of EFL: A UK Survey.
The conclusion that employers regard being a native English speaker as an important criterion when making hiring decisions was shown to apply to the whole sample as well as to the separate groups of private language schools only and universities only. Expand
Beyond the Native Speaker in TESOL
  • 2005
Native and non-native: what can they offer? Lessons from team-teaching in Japan
This article discusses the contribution that joint instruction by a native-speaking teacher and a non-native-speaking teacher can make to classroom language learning. By reviewing the last decade'sExpand