Creating Global Brand Names: The Use of Sound Symbolism

  title={Creating Global Brand Names: The Use of Sound Symbolism},
  author={Gerard A. Athaide and Richard R. Klink},
  journal={Journal of Global Marketing},
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ABSTRACT Creating meaningful brand names for international markets can be particularly challenging because translation may distort intended meaning. To mitigate this issue, marketers can imbue meaning into a brand name with sound symbolism, which refers to the direct linkage between sound and meaning. The aim of this article is to examine whether sound symbolism effects are maintained after translating a brand name from English to Hindi. Results of an empirical study with Hindi-speaking… 

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Sound Symbolism in Marketing: An Integrative Review of Marketing Studies into Sound Symbolism

Ozellikle 2000’li yillarin basindan itibaren, ses sembolizmi uzerine yapilan pazarlama calismalarinda artis olmasina ragmen, mevcut literaturde bu calismalari butuncul bir sekilde ele alan herhangi



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