Creatine kinase activity decrease with short-term freezing.

  title={Creatine kinase activity decrease with short-term freezing.},
  author={Eli I Lev and Israel Hendler and Ran Siebner and Zeev Tashma and Michael Wiener and Ilan Tur-Kaspa},
  journal={Enzyme & protein},
  volume={48 4},
Freezing of serum samples at -30 degrees C without protective agents is the simplest and least expensive method of storage in serum banks. We investigated the stability of creatine kinase (CK) in human sera after freezer storage under such conditions for 24 h (n = 30) or for 2 or 4 weeks (n = 99). CK activity was measured in fresh sera and compared to matched thawed sera after freezer storage at the designated time intervals. The enzyme's median activity decreased significantly after 24 h, 2… CONTINUE READING

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