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Crazy in Love with a Smooth Criminal: An In-Depth Look at Parasocial Relationships and How Celebrities Affect the Relationship

  title={Crazy in Love with a Smooth Criminal: An In-Depth Look at Parasocial Relationships and How Celebrities Affect the Relationship},
  author={A. Termini},
Female Stardom and Mysterious Deaths in the Bollywood Industry: The Case of Shantipriya from Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om, a 2007 Hindi commercial film by Farah Khan, is an uncanny story of a male film extra, Om, who gets killed in the attempt to save a popular female star, Shantipriya, from a heinousExpand


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Black or White? Michael Jackson and the Idea of Crossover
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Britney, Beyoncé, and me – primary school girls’ role models and constructions of the ‘popular’ girl
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Horton and Wohl Revisited: Exploring Viewers' Experience of Parasocial Interaction
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