Crawling migration under chemical signalling: A stochastic model

  title={Crawling migration under chemical signalling: A stochastic model},
  author={Christ{\`e}le Etchegaray and Nicolas Meunier},
  journal={Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences},
Cell migration is a fundamental process involved in physiological phenomena such as the immune response and morphogenesis, but also in pathological processes, such as the development of tumor metastasis. These functions are effectively ensured because cells are active systems that adapt to their environment. In this work, we consider a migrating cell as an active particle, where its intracellular activity is responsible for motion. Such system was already modeled in a previous model where the… Expand
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Mathematical and numerical modelling of cell migration
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Protrusion fluctuations direct cell motion.
A theoretical model is developed showing that an asymmetry in the protrusion fluctuations is sufficient for predicting all measures associated with the long-term motion, which can be described as a biased persistent random walk. Expand
Actin Flows Mediate a Universal Coupling between Cell Speed and Cell Persistence
It is shown on the basis of experimental data in vitro and in vivo that cell persistence, which quantifies the straightness of trajectories, is robustly coupled to cell migration speed, and suggested that this universal coupling constitutes a generic law of cell migration. Expand
Migration of individual microvessel endothelial cells: stochastic model and parameter measurement.
A stochastic mathematical model for the random motility and chemotaxis of single cells, and evaluate migration paths of MEC in terms of this model to assess MEC migration in the presence of absence of the angiogenic stimulus acidic fibroblast growth factor (aFGF). Expand
Langevin equation, Fokker-Planck equation and cell migration
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Cell migration during morphogenesis.
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Cell crawling mediates collective cell migration to close undamaged epithelial gaps
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Keeping in touch with contact inhibition of locomotion
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