Cratystylis, an isolated genus of the Asteraceae–Cichorioideae

  title={Cratystylis, an isolated genus of the Asteraceae–Cichorioideae},
  author={Arne A. Anderberg and Po Karis and Gamal El-Ghazaly},
Based on available data from morphology, palynology and phytochemistry, the systematic position of the genus Cratystylis (Asteraceae) is reevaluated. The character distribution is discussed and compared to that of other Asteraceae tribes. A cladistic parsimony analysis is undertaken to elucidate the results of the comparison. Cratystylis is removed from the vicinity of the Inuleae s.l., and a new tentative position among the tribes of the paraphyletic 'Cichorioideae' is proposed for this… CONTINUE READING