Crassostrea gigas in natural oyster banks in southern Brazil

  title={Crassostrea gigas in natural oyster banks in southern Brazil},
  author={Cl{\'a}udio Manoel Rodrigues de Melo and Francisco Charles dos Santos Silva and Carlos Henrique A. M. Gomes and Antonio Mateo Sol{\'e}-Cava and Cristiano Lazoski},
  journal={Biological Invasions},
We report on the invasion of Brazil by the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas, and discuss the likely routes of invasion. Because this phenotypically diverse oyster sometimes resembles the native species C. brasiliana and C. rhizophorae, its invasion went unnoticed until it was detected through the analysis of DNA sequences for ribosomal 16S and the ribosomal second internal transcribed spacer. C. gigas was found amongst the native species in oyster banks up to 100 km south of oyster farms in… CONTINUE READING

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