Craniopharyngiomas: identification of different semiological patterns with MRI

  title={Craniopharyngiomas: identification of different semiological patterns with MRI},
  author={Enrique Molla and L. De Mart{\'i}-Bonmat{\'i} and Antonio Revert and Estanislao Arana and Francisco Menor and Rosa Dosd{\'a} and Cecilio Poyatos},
  journal={European Radiology},
Our objectives were to analyze different semiological patterns in craniopharyngiomas studied with CT and MR sequences. Retrospective study of 26 patients with confirmed craniopharyngiomas. All cases were examined with CT and MR imaging using a variety of pulse sequences (spin echo, inversion recovery, gradient echo in-phase and opposed-phase). The analyzed component patterns were classified as solid, calcium, proteic-like, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)-like, hematic-like, and fatty patterns. The… CONTINUE READING