Cranial variation in British mustelids.

  title={Cranial variation in British mustelids.},
  author={Sin Wee Lee and Peter J. Mill},
  journal={Journal of morphology},
  volume={260 1},
Nineteen measurements were made on 136 skulls belonging to seven mustelid species: Meles meles (Eurasian badger), Mustela nivalis, (weasel), Mustela erminea (stoat), Mustela putorius (polecat), Lutra lutra (otter), Mustela furo (ferret), and Mustela vison (American mink), and polecat-ferret hybrids. To investigate shape, size-related effects were eliminated by dividing all measurements by their geometric means. Canonical variate analysis was used to reveal major interspecies distinctions… CONTINUE READING

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