Cranial deformation in a subadult sample from Değirmentepe (Chalcolithic, Turkey).

  title={Cranial deformation in a subadult sample from Değirmentepe (Chalcolithic, Turkey).},
  author={Murat Ozbek},
  journal={American journal of physical anthropology},
  volume={115 3},
  • Murat Ozbek
  • Published 2001 in American journal of physical anthropology
Human skeletal remains from the Chalcolithic period of Değirmentepe, Turkey, near the Euphrates River, display artificial cranial deformation of the circular type. Human skeletal remains belonging to 31 individual have been dated to the Chalcolithic period (second half of the fifth millennium BC, uncalibrated). The remains include foetuses, infants, children and juveniles; but no adult skeletons. Either the adults were buried elsewhere or flooding of the Euphrates dragged the adult remains away… CONTINUE READING