Cranial Intraosseous Meningioma

  title={Cranial Intraosseous Meningioma},
  author={Pınar Karabağlı and Ş{\"u}kr{\"u} Birler and Fatih K{\"o}keş and Omur Kasımcan},
Meningioma constitutes 14% to 20% of intracranial neoplasms. Sites of predilection directly correlate with abundant arachnoid granulations and less than 1% are extradural intraosseous [1]. Extradural meningiomas that arise in the skull have been referred to as calvarial, intradiploic, and intraosseous [2]. The intraosseous tissue refers to the diploe of the cranial bones. Common locations include the periorbital region and frontoparietal region [3]. The tumours are usually observed near or at… CONTINUE READING
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