Crafting a conference: Endocrine Society of India Annual Conference Bhopal 2013


The Indian endocrinology fraternity faces the unenviable task of looking after an estimated 130 million people with endocrinopathy.[2] Six hundred odd in number, this professional group works to manage well-known endocrine syndromes, as well as exotic hormonal diseases endemic to certain parts of our country. The modern epidemics of diabetes, obesity and thyroid disorders, have reached brobdingnagian proportions in our country. Sheehan’s syndrome, nutritional osteomalacia, malnutrition -related diabetes mellitus and tubercular Addison’s disease are a few endocrinopathies, of which we have more than our fair share. A national conference has to address these, as well as other more mundane endocrine issues while planning a scientifi c agenda. Yet another issue faced by the scientifi c committee is balancing basic science and clinical endocrinology. While an in-depth understanding of the ever-expanding basic and allied sciences is essential, many clinical endocrinologists prefer to focus only upon medical aspects of the science. Fine-tuning the balance between the various subspecialties of endocrinology is a major challenge as well. Diabetology inevitably takes the major chunk of on-stage time and the other glands have to fi ght for their place under the endocrine helios. Within diabetology, too, appropriate emphasis has to be laid on non-type 2 varieties of diabetes.

DOI: 10.4103/2230-8210.119487

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