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Cracking The Genome

  title={Cracking The Genome},
  author={Kevin Davies},
Game Models of the Defection Dilemma in Biopharmaceutical Discovery Research
  • M. Allarakhia, D. Kilgour
  • Business
    PICMET '07 - 2007 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering & Technology
  • 2007
Recent trends in biopharmaceutical discovery research toward the systems biology paradigm have created a need for interdisciplinary teams with a wide range of skills. Success, especially economic
Research Section Open Source Biopharmaceutical Innovation- A Mode of Entry for Firms in Emerging Markets
The open source model provides a valuable framework for collective knowledge productionanddissemination.Mirroringtheeffortsoftheopensourcecommuni ty that developed Linux, open biopharmaceutical
Successful Strategy and Individuals
Scientific convergence in the birth of molecular biology
Born of the union of biology, chemistry, and physics, molecular biology is a basic science with intense practical and commercial consciousness, but the envisioned biomedical revolution is slow in coming, partly because disease phenomena are so complex.
Using Complete Genome Sequences to Predict Important Phenotypes
A simple, rapid and inexpensive method of predicting pathogenic phenotypes on the basis of the presence or absence of short homologous DNA segments in an isolate and shows in silico that with as few as 8 predictive sequences the probability of being EHEC or Shigella is >0.99.
From playfulness and self-centredness via grand expectations to normalisation: a psychoanalytical rereading of the history of molecular genetics
  • H. Zwart
  • Psychology
    Medicine, health care, and philosophy
  • 2013
It is indicated how a psychoanalytical assessment conducted in this manner may help to interpret and address some of the key normative issues that have been raised with regard to molecular genetics over the years, such as ‘relevance’, ‘responsible innovation’ and ‘promise management’.
Information acquisition in international business : innovation in a small biotechnology firm
Aalto University, P.O. Box 11000, FI-00076 Aalto www.aalto.fi Author Teea Vilhelmiina Mäkelä Name of the doctoral dissertation Information Acquisition in International Business: Innovation in a Small
Different yokes for different folks: Individual preferences, institutional logics, and the commercialization of academic research
In this chapter, we review the literature that analyzes how the peculiar missions, rules, and incentive systems in the scientific community affect the process and outcomes of the commercialization of
This paper contributes to explaining how and why distinct games of innovation emerge by suggesting that games are nested in innovation systems with persistent innovation dynamics. Dominant lifecycle