Crack Statistic for Wafer-Based Silicon Solar Cell Modules in the Field Measured by UV Fluorescence

  title={Crack Statistic for Wafer-Based Silicon Solar Cell Modules in the Field Measured by UV Fluorescence},
  author={M. Kox0308ntges and Sarah Kajari-Schrox0308der and Iris Kunze},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics},
We use the fluorescence effect of the lamination material of photovoltaic (PV) modules to detect cracks in wafer-based solar cells in a power plant. For this purpose, the PV modules are irradiated by ultraviolet (UV) light, and the fluorescence light is measured by a camera. The measurement is realized in the dark. This new application of the fluorescence method allows new insight into cracks of a huge amount of PV modules during service life without remounting or touching the PV modules. We… CONTINUE READING
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