Cr-rich Chondrules and Inclusions in Ordinary Chondrites

  title={Cr-rich Chondrules and Inclusions in Ordinary Chondrites},
  author={Alexander N. Krot and M. A. Ignova},
Most ordinary-chondrite (OC) chondrules have compositions that are similar to those of the bulk chondrite in terms of lithophile elements. There appear to be only two rare classes that deviate significantly from chondrite-like compositions: the Al-rich chondrules (Bischoff and Keil, 1984) and the "chromite" or Cr-rich chondrules (Ramdohr, 1967). Our studies indicate that the latter represent the Cr-rich portion of the large set of Al-rich chondrules (Krot etal., 1992). Irregularly shaped… CONTINUE READING

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