Cr-Doped III–V Nitrides: Potential Candidates for Spintronics

  title={Cr-Doped III–V Nitrides: Potential Candidates for Spintronics},
  author={B. Amin and S. Arif and I. Ahmad and M. Maqbool and R. Ahmad and S. Goumri‐Said and K. Prisbrey},
  journal={Journal of Electronic Materials},
Studies of Cr-doped III–V nitrides, dilute magnetic alloys in the zincblende crystal structure, are presented. The objective of the work is to investigate half-metallicity in Al0.75Cr0.25N, Ga0.75Cr0.25N, and In0.75Cr0.25N for their possible application in spin-based electronic devices. The calculated spin-polarized band structures, electronic properties, and magnetic properties of these compounds reveal that Al0.75Cr0.25N and Ga0.75Cr0.25N are half-metallic dilute magnetic semiconductors while… Expand
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