Cr(III)-Cr(III) interactions in two alkoxo-bridged heterometallic Zn2Cr2 complexes self-assembled from zinc oxide, Reinecke's salt, and diethanolamine.


Two new tetranuclear complexes, [Zn(2)Cr(2)(NCS)(4)(Dea)(2)(HDea)(2)].4DMSO (1; DMSO = dimethyl sulfoxide) and [Zn(2)Cr(2)(NCS)(4)(Dea)(2)(HDea)(2)].2CH(3)CN (2), were prepared from zinc oxide, Reinecke's salt, NH(4)[Cr(NCS)(4)(NH(3))(2)].H(2)O, ammonium thiocyanate, and a nonaqueous solution of diethanolamine (H(2)Dea) in a reaction carried out under open… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/ic1000123

14 Figures and Tables


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