Coyotes ( Canis latrans ) are definitive hosts of Neospora caninum

  title={Coyotes ( Canis latrans ) are definitive hosts of Neospora caninum},
  author={Milton M. McAllistera and William C. Pittb and Doris E. Zemlickac},
  • Milton M. McAllistera, William C. Pittb, Doris E. Zemlickac
  • Published 2013
Four captive-raised coyote pups consumed tissues from Neospora caninum-infected calves. Faeces were examined from 4 days before to 28 days after infection. One pup shed N. caninum-like oocysts, which tested positive for N. caninum and negative for Hammondia heydorni using PCR tests. Coyotes are the second discovered definitive host of N. caninum, after dogs. In North America, the expanding coyote ranges and population increase the probability of contact with domestic livestock. To reduce the… CONTINUE READING