Cowboys, Angels, and Demons: American Exceptionalism and the Frontier Myth in the CW's Supernatural

  title={Cowboys, Angels, and Demons: American Exceptionalism and the Frontier Myth in the CW's Supernatural},
  author={Joseph M. Valenzano and Erik J. Engstrom},
  journal={Communication Quarterly},
  pages={552 - 568}
The CW network series Supernatural (2005–) draws its text from the horror and fantasy genres as well as religious mythology. Concurrently, it transmits a core “American” mythos. As its protagonists keep watch along a supernatural frontier and eradicate threats to the American way of life, this program both reinforces and alters aspects of the frontier myth and the myth of American exceptionalism by depicting its main characters as representations of America writ large whose mission has grown… Expand
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