Covid-19: What’s going wrong with testing in the UK?

  title={Covid-19: What’s going wrong with testing in the UK?},
  author={Jacqui Wise},
  • J. Wise
  • Published 21 September 2020
  • Medicine
  • BMJ
Is it the increase in demand, “ineligible” applicants, or a lack of laboratory capacity hampering coronavirus testing? Jacqui Wise examines the key questions around the current lack of access to tests in the community 

Covid-19: Which rapid tests is the UK pinning its hopes on?

Rapid diagnostic tests are integral to the government’s Moonshot plan to carry out up to 10 million covid-19 tests a day by early next year. Jacqui Wise looks at the options being developed and

Covid-19: The fatal attraction of herd immunity

Scientists are in dispute.1 There is nothing new in this. Debate is to be encouraged—truth is nuanced2—except that the debate comes at a critical moment in the response to covid-19.3 It is a debate

Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the Risk of Death Related to Coronavirus Disease 2019: An Analysis of the UK Biobank

The objectives for this study were to assess whether gout and/or rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are risk factors for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19) diagnosis and to assess whether gout and/or RA are

Tackling the pandemic with (biased) data.

[Figure: see text].

Adapting despite “walls coming down”: Healthcare providers’ experiences of COVID-19 as an implosive adaptation

How healthcare providers navigated and adapted to on-the-ground challenges imposed by COVID-19 and the language of reality check, scramble and pivot provides a framework for teams to talk about and make sense of their approaches to crisis, even beyond the CO VID-19 pandemic.

Gout, rheumatoid arthritis and the risk of death from COVID-19: an analysis of the UK Biobank

RA and gout are not risk factors for CO VID-19-diagnosis, however RA, but not gout, is a risk factor for death from COVID-19 in a population-based analysis using the UK Biobank.

Patients’ and clinicians’ perspectives on the primary care consultations for acute respiratory infections during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic: an eight-country qualitative study in Europe

Remote consultations for RTI symptoms may be acceptable long term if both groups are happy to use this format, but it is important that PCPs take time to address patients’ concerns and provide safety-netting advice.

Thromboembolism and bleeding after covid-19

Risks of infection are increased even after mild infections, especially if the patient has a history of diarrhoea, vomiting and/or diarrhea.

Measuring the exposure of Black, Asian and other ethnic groups to COVID-infected neighbourhoods in English towns and cities

Evidence is found to support the view that members of ethnic minority groups tend to be living in areas with higher infection rates but also that the risk of exposure is distributed unevenly across these groups.



Covid-19: Is the UK carrying out more tests than anywhere else in Europe?

Not only is the pandemic under control, with deaths down and hospital admissions way, way down, but the government will continue to tackle it, with local lockdowns and with the superlative test and trace system, which has now conducted more tests than any other country in Europe.

Covid-19: Testing service wasn’t prepared for increased demand, chief admits

England’s NHS Test and Trace service wasn’t prepared for the increased demand that has seen thousands of people unable to access tests, the head of the service has admitted. But Dido Harding

Boris Johnson pleads with universities to send him 400 “ technicians , postdocs or graduate students ” to man new coronavavirus testing mega - labs and save the system from collapse

    World map: total tests performed relative to the size of population

    • Our World in Data

    “ Chaos and inefficiency ” in coronavirus testing labs

      Leaked figures reveal scale of coronavirus test shortage

      • Sunday Times

      Private labs unable to process all covid tests

      • NHS email reveals. Guardian

      Coronavirus : Government apologises over tests shortage

        Boris Johnson pleads with universities to send him 400 "technicians, post-docs or graduate students" to man new coronavavirus testing mega-labs and save the system from collapse. Mail on Sunday