Covid-19: UK has highest vaccine confidence and Japan and South Korea the lowest, survey finds

  title={Covid-19: UK has highest vaccine confidence and Japan and South Korea the lowest, survey finds},
  author={Elisabeth Mahase},
COVID-19 Vaccine Education (CoVE) for Health and Care Workers to Facilitate Global Promotion of the COVID-19 Vaccines
Evaluation with health and social care professionals from 26 countries established that CoVE has high satisfaction, usability, and relevance to the target audience and was developed using ASPIRE methodology.
Fear of Infection and Sufficient Vaccine Reservation Information Might Drive Rapid Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination in Japan: Evidence from Twitter Analysis
It is indicated that awareness of the danger of COVID-19 might increase the willingness to get vaccinated, and with sufficient vaccine supply, effective vaccine reservation information delivery may be an important factor for people toget vaccinated.
Public Opinion and Sentiment Before and at the Beginning of COVID-19 Vaccinations in Japan: Twitter Analysis
Background COVID-19 vaccines are considered one of the most effective ways for containing the COVID-19 pandemic, but Japan lagged behind other countries in vaccination in the early stages. A deeper
COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among the Younger Generation in Japan
Results suggest that policymakers should consider the diversity among the younger generation while developing effective, tailored communication strategies to reduce their vaccine hesitancy.