Covid-19: Should the UK be aiming for elimination?

  title={Covid-19: Should the UK be aiming for elimination?},
  author={Ingrid Torjesen},
Scotland’s leader has proposed that the four UK nations align around a covid-19 elimination strategy similar to New Zealand’s, but is it feasible? Ingrid Torjesen investigates 
Covid-19: Learn from other countries about easing lockdown, researchers urge
The authors of a new review of international experiences of easing lockdown during the covid-19 pandemic are urging governments to consider a “zero-covid-19” strategy to eliminate domestic
To achieve “zero covid” we need to include the controlled, careful acquisition of population (herd) immunity
My suggested strategy includes herd immunity, which I rename population immunity given the antipathy to the word herd, evoking animals, and the last point being that in the absence of a vaccine the UK should aim for zero covid.
Behavioural fatigue: a flawed idea central to a flawed pandemic response
What is behavioural fatigue? Nobody really knows, but it is something we should be acutely aware of because it is a major reason why the UK delayed implementing lockdown, even though the best
Meta-synthesis of COVID-19 lessons: charting sustainable management of future pandemics
A meta-synthesis of COVID-19 (coronavirus) lessons charts sustainable management of future pandemics in terms of choosing strategies that are situated in their contextual specifications and beginning preparations for future application of such strategies from now.


Covid-19: Is the UK government marginalising scientists?
With the UK government’s main scientific advisory group set for a less prominent role, Ingrid Torjesen finds out what this means for future pandemic policy
Has Sweden’s controversial covid-19 strategy been successful?
Sweden has stood out in the global pandemic by eschewing lockdown and seemingly aiming for herd immunity, but is now paying a heavy price for this strategy.