Covid-19: Is the UK government marginalising scientists?

  title={Covid-19: Is the UK government marginalising scientists?},
  author={Ingrid Torjesen},
With the UK government’s main scientific advisory group set for a less prominent role, Ingrid Torjesen finds out what this means for future pandemic policy 
Covid-19: Should the UK be aiming for elimination?
Scotland’s leader has proposed that the four UK nations align around a covid-19 elimination strategy similar to New Zealand’s, but is it feasible? Ingrid Torjesen investigates
Covid-19: Acts of omission
The UK government is becoming known for acts of omission. No evidence exists of Russian interference in the 2016 Brexit referendum because the government didn’t and won’t look for it. Nor does it
The Post-Normal Challenges of COVID-19: Constructing Effective and Legitimate Responses
This work investigates and recommends processes and measures to address COVID-19 that support increased public health, while upholding established rights and values.


England’s new covid-19 monitoring outfit: the Joint Biosecurity Centre
The Trump administration is expected to announce its first major shake-up of the US immigration policy in more than a decade, with restrictions on deportations and restrictions on immigration of people from seven mainly Muslim countries.
Covid-19: Airborne transmission is being underestimated, warn experts
More than 239 experts from 32 countries have appealed to the medical community and to the relevant national and international bodies to recognise the potential for airborne spread of covid-19.
Covid-19: Leicester mayor accuses government and PHE of withholding key testing data
The mayor of Leicester has accused the government and Public Health England (PHE) of withholding data that could help reduce the spread of covid-19 in the city. In a detailed paper1 published on 7