Covering Grids and Orthogonal Polygons with Periscope Guards

  title={Covering Grids and Orthogonal Polygons with Periscope Guards},
  author={Laxmi P. Gewali and Simeon C. Ntafos},
  journal={Comput. Geom.},
Gewali, L.P. and S. Ntafos, Covering grids and orthogonal polygons with periscope guards, Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications 2 (1993) 309-334. The problem of finding minimum guard covers is NP-hard for simple polygons and open for simple orthogonal polygons. Alternative definitions of visibility have been considered for orthogonal polygons. In this paper we try to determine the complexity of finding guard covers in orthogonal polygons by considering periscope visibility. Under… CONTINUE READING


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