Coverage control study of mobile uwasns nodes based on particle swarm optimization algorithm


Underwater acoustic sensor networks (UWASNs), composed of acoustic sensor nodes, have become a hot field in ocean techniques. They were widely applied in marine data collection, event monitoring, resource exploration, etc. Coverage of zone is the fundamental address to the UWASNs deployment. A good deployment strategy should make effective area as much as possible, according to resource allocation. A lot of research are focusing on sensor networks deployment optimization on the land. Underwater deployment Strategies has not achieved good effect because of the complexity of ocean environment. This paper provides a deployment optimization strategy for mobile nodes using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for UWASNs. This algorithm is based on simulation of birds swarm intelligence characteristics and aimed to solve the continuous variable optimization problem. Simulation Result shows that this method can obviously improve the coverage of deployment. If iterative times is enough, the coverage percent can reach 99% in specific situations. This algorithm can provide reference for mobile node deployment.

DOI: 10.1145/2999504.3001084

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