Covariance matrix filtering with bootstrapped hierarchies

  title={Covariance matrix filtering with bootstrapped hierarchies},
  author={Christian Bongiorno and Damien Challet},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
Cleaning covariance matrices is a highly non-trivial problem, yet of central importance in the statistical inference of dependence between objects. We propose here a probabilistic hierarchical clustering method, named Bootstrapped Average Hierarchical Clustering (BAHC), that is particularly effective in the high-dimensional case, i.e., when there are more objects than features. When applied to DNA microarray, our method yields distinct hierarchical structures that cannot be accounted for by… 
Reactive global minimum variance portfolios with k-BAHC covariance cleaning
A $k$-fold boosted version of the Boostrapped Average Hierarchical Clustering cleaning procedure for correlation and covariance matrices is introduced and finds that it yields better Sharpe ratios after transaction costs than competing filtering methods, despite requiring a larger turnover.
The Oracle estimator is suboptimal for global minimum variance portfolio optimisation
A common misconception is that the Oracle eigenvalue estimator of the covariance matrix yields the best realized portfolio performance. In reality, the Oracle estimator simply modifies the empirical


Cross-validation based Nonlinear Shrinkage
It is shown that, contrary to claims in the literature, cross-validation based covariance matrix estimation (CVC) yields comparable performance at strongly reduced complexity and runtime.
Hierarchically nested factor model from multivariate data
It is shown that the similarity matrix resulting from a hierarchical clustering procedure is the correlation matrix of afactor model, the hierarchically nested factor model, which is mutually independent and hierarchically organized.
Overlaps between eigenvectors of correlated random matrices
We obtain general, exact formulas for the overlaps between the eigenvectors of large correlated random matrices, with additive or multiplicative noise. These results have potential applications in
Non-parametric sign prediction of high-dimensional correlation matrix coefficients
We introduce a method to predict which correlation matrix coefficients are likely to change their signs in the future in the high-dimensional regime, i.e., when the number of features is larger than
Rotational Invariant Estimator for General Noisy Matrices
The replica method is used, using the replica method, to establish the asymptotic global law estimate for three general classes of noisy matrices, significantly extending previously obtained results.
The Elements of Statistical Learning
Chapter 11 includes more case studies in other areas, ranging from manufacturing to marketing research, and a detailed comparison with other diagnostic tools, such as logistic regression and tree-based methods.
How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of "Intangibles" in Business
Preface. Acknowledgements. Section I. Measurement: The Solution Exists. Chapter 1. The Intangibles and the Challenge. Chapter 2. An Intuitive Measurement Habit: Eratosthenes, Enrico & Emily. How an
Mean-Variance Analysis in Portfolio Choice and Capital Markets
The general portfolio selection model preliminary results solution to the general portfolio selection model special cases a portfolio selection programme.
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