Covalent stabilization of a small molecule-RNA complex.

  title={Covalent stabilization of a small molecule-RNA complex.},
  author={Hayden Peacock and Radhika Bachu and Peter A. Beal},
  journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters},
  volume={21 17},
We demonstrate covalent bond formation between an RNA aptamer containing a cysteamine-tethered nucleobase and helix-threading peptides (HTPs) containing α-bromoacetamide N-termini. The reaction is high yielding and inhibited by a DNA strand Watson-Crick complementary to the aptamer sequence indicating covalent reaction is dependent on the high affinity HTP-binding site present in the folded aptamer. These results are important for future structural studies of HTP-RNA complexes and methods for… CONTINUE READING