Covalent linkage of 125I-insulin to a cytosolic insulin-degrading enzyme.

  title={Covalent linkage of 125I-insulin to a cytosolic insulin-degrading enzyme.},
  author={Ken-ichiro Shii and Shigeaki Baba and Koich Yokono and Richard A. Roth},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={260 11},
Cytosol extracts high in insulin-degrading activity were cross-linked to 125I-insulin with the bifunctional cross-linker disuccinimidyl suberate. With cytosols from either rat muscle, liver, kidney or brain or human erythrocytes, only a single protein (Mr = 110,000) was specifically labeled. Three different lines of evidence indicated that this labeled protein is insulin-degrading enzyme, a cysteine protease which accounts for most of the insulin-degrading activity in cell extracts. Firstly… CONTINUE READING

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