Covalent bonding of bay-region diol epoxides to nucleic acids.

  title={Covalent bonding of bay-region diol epoxides to nucleic acids.},
  author={Donald M. Jerina and Anju Chadha and Albert M. Cheh and M E Schurdak and Alexander W. Wood and Jane M. Sayer},
  journal={Advances in experimental medicine and biology},
Although the solution chemistry of diol epoxides is now fairly well understood, a great deal remains to be elucidated regarding their reaction in the presence of DNA. Not only DNA but also small molecules are capable of sequestering diol epoxides in aqueous solutions with equilibrium constants on the order of 10(2)-10(4) M-1. In the case of DNA, at least two major families of complexes are presently recognized, possibly the result of groove binding vs. intercalation. As is the case for diol… CONTINUE READING
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