Covalent Protein Labeling at Glutamic Acids.

  title={Covalent Protein Labeling at Glutamic Acids.},
  author={Pablo Mart{\'i}n-Gago and Eyad Kalawy Fansa and Michael Winzker and Sandip Murarka and Petra Janning and Carsten Schultz-Fademrecht and Matthias Baumann and Alfred Wittinghofer and Herbert Waldmann},
  journal={Cell chemical biology},
  volume={24 5},
Covalent labeling of amino acids in proteins by reactive small molecules, in particular at cysteine SH and lysine NH groups, is a powerful approach to identify and characterize proteins and their functions. However, for the less-reactive carboxylic acids present in Asp and Glu, hardly any methodology is available. Employing the lipoprotein binding chaperone… CONTINUE READING