Couvrez ce genre que le droit ne saurait voir: La difficile circulation du concept féministe de genre dans la langue juridique

  title={Couvrez ce genre que le droit ne saurait voir: La difficile circulation du concept f{\'e}ministe de genre dans la langue juridique},
  author={L. Langevin},
  journal={Canadian Journal of Women and the Law},
  pages={469 - 520}
  • L. Langevin
  • Published 2016
  • Sociology
  • Canadian Journal of Women and the Law
Abstract:A fundamental element of the feminist enterprise of deconstruction and reconstruction, the concept of “gender” has evolved a lot since the 1970s. It has permitted feminist theorists not only to apprehend social relationships of power between the class of “women” and the class of “men” and to denaturalize these two groups but also to denounce the social construction of biological sex. Thus, gender precedes sex. If gender has been a “useful” category of analysis to write women’s history… Expand
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